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Are you ready to discover your true potential? If the answer to this question is Yes, then working with a professional coach can transform your life!

Put simply, coaching is about connecting with and unleashing your potential; understanding what is really important to you and removing any limiting assumptions or beliefs that may be holding you back to enable you to become the best that you can be.

Road - Sign - Success - Just - AheadFor those of you that have experienced coaching before, you will know that, in its simplest form, it is a conversation between two people; the person providing the coaching and the person being coached. But coaching is not just any conversation; it is a purposeful conversation. The main difference between a good coaching conversation, and the sort of conversation that you might have with a friend or colleague, is that the coaching conversation is unashamedly focused entirely on YOU and the change you want to create in your life or performance.

As Coach, my role is to build the rapport necessary to put you at ease, to listen carefully and without judgement to the issues that you want to discuss, and to ask you some pertinent questions. Sometimes these may be quite simple questions, questions that you may not need to think too much about, but which will clarify for us both exactly where we should be focusing our attention to create the best outcome for you or your business.. Other times, the questions that I ask may be quite powerful, challenging you to really search within for the answers that will serve you best in the pursuit of your goals. Sometimes, when it seems helpful to you, I may introduce some specific exercises to help improve our understanding of any limiting thoughts that are inhibiting your progress towards your desired change. I may also, from time to time, introduce some useful tools or techniques where these might help to clarify thinking, techniques that you can use outside of our session to further support your progress.

As the person receiving coaching, your primary role is to be completely honest with yourself about your commitment to achieving the change that you want to create. If your heart really isn’t in it, then it doesn’t matter how many sessions we schedule or how many techniques we introduce, the change you seek will continue to elude you. But, if you really are committed to creating this change and you are prepared to be realistic in setting your goals, then all manner of change is possible.


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Not local to Shropshire? 

The beauty of coaching is that we don't need to be in the same room, for it to be effective - telephone, skype, email and even text can work equally well: as long as you are prepared to take action, then we can find a way to work together that will bring you the results you are aspiring to. So, wherever you live in the world, whether it be the United Kingdom or further afield, distance is no object. And, if you are local to Shrewsbury but your schedule is too tight to travel, there's really no need to miss out. After all, the most important aspect of coaching is finding the coach who is right for you.

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