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Qualified Personal and Professional Development Coach based in Shropshire; Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

Ship's Bell
When I was four years old my name was engraved on the inside of a ship’s bell; it was my christening day and I recall very little of the occasion, but have since learnt that it is tradition on board ship for the child to be baptised using the ship’s bell, after which his or her name is inscribed on the inside. The name of the ship was HMS Triumph.
As an adult, I like to think that the unusualness of this early experience was the first marker along the road to living life a little differently. And, as a qualified coach, the significance of my association with HMS Triumph has taken on a whole new meaning. Like many people, I have faced my fair share of challenges on my journey towards becoming the best that I can be but none yet that I have not been able to triumph over with persistence, determination and a positive mental attitude.


My journey to living my right life

Before taking the decision to strike out on my own as a Performance and Life Coach, I had spent the previous 30 years working in health and social care; first as a nursing assistant, then psychiatric nurse, senior manager, trainer, freelance consultant, and service director. The decision to turn freelance in 1998 was a significant turning point in my career, leading me into all sorts of new and unexpected adventures. During the ensuing years I developed considerable skills as a trouble shooter working closely with  multi-disciplinary teams to turn around performance, improve standards of care, and restore interpersonal harmony. Along the way, I learnt a great deal about the highs and lows of being a sole trader and the pressures of balancing my time between working in the business (doing what I love to do) and working on the business (doing what I need to do). In 2007, I was encouraged to return to the NHS as Service Director for Kensington and Chelsea Adult Mental Health Services, a post I never would have aspired to had I not had the benefit of my freelance experiences. Returning to the security of regular employment certainly brought its advantages; paid holidays and weekends off being something of a novelty for example! Ultimately though, the desire to be my own boss was too strong and when the opportunity came along to retrain as a performance and life coach, I embraced it with the full conviction that I was pursing my right path.

Karen-Carpenter-riding- horse
Back On Board

These days, as a qualified Coach, I enjoy all the advantages of a portfolio career; mixing and matching coaching, consultancy and interim management, picking the projects that allow me to utilise my best skills whilst, at the same time, adding most value to my own life. I relish the adventure of meeting new people and the satisfaction of knowing that coaching can truly transform lives and enhance performance. I know this not only from the feedback I receive from happy clients but because of my own personal experiences of being coached, experiences that quickly resulted in me getting back on board my horses after a number of years not riding following a nasty fall. Coaching also provided me with a supportive and unbiased ally whilst I worked through the transition from health care professional to professional coach and was the catalyst that inspired me to write my first book after years of disappointing myself with half-formed intentions of becoming an author that I had never previously followed through!

What can I offer you as a coach

The great thing about coaching is that it really isn’t necessary for the coach to be expert in whatever challenge is facing their client. What is important is that the coach you ultimately choose is an expert in their own speciality of coaching; a qualified professional, not only a skilled listener but someone with the life experience to empathise with your successes and your set-backs, someone who believes whole heartedly in your capacity to achieve great things. Someone who has, themselves, taken some of those brave life decisions in pursuit of a happier life. And, of course, someone who is properly accredited by the profession.
You can read more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile.
To find out more about the National Council of Psychotherapists, please follow this link www.thencp.org
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