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SPIC seminar
No one comes to work to do a bad job! SPIC seminar July 2017

With more than 30 years' experience of health and social care in the UK, I understand more than most the way that caring is changing - the incredible advances in technology; the new treatments becoming ever more available that bring hope where, previously, there was only desperation; the shift to a more patient-centric ethos; the higer academic standards required of nurses - and, with it all, an emerging culture of big business that feels less and less personal to those who provide the actual care. National shortages of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, at a time when standards and expectations are higher than they have ever been, and demand beyond what is affordable, has undoubtedly contributed to the high levels of stress experienced by those working in the caring professions, with more and more seeking sanctuary through agencies, or opting for a different career altogether.

The question this raises for all health and social care providers is:  

How do we attract and retain the best, most dedicated, most compassionate and effective managers and clinicians?

It goes without saying that salary is one crucial element and the single most obvious reflection of the value you place on your employees. But, when every employer is offering similar financial remuneration, what attracts good quality clinical staff, and keeps them coming to work each day, is generally a combination of values, reputation and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

These days, most organisations offer fairly robust mandatory training schedules, and most also offer opportunities for individuals to attend additional CPD (continuing professional development) provided that they can be released from their clinical duties without causing undue pressure on duty rotas. What sets the best organisations apart, is their understanding of the power of personalised development plans and their commitment to enabling clinicians and managers to grow their skills whilst maintaining their employment. Supervision, reflective practice, coaching, mentoring and accessible leadership all have their place in such plans. The challenge for most organisations, however, is identifying internal candidates who have sufficient knowledge, skills and objectivity to provide this in house. And, when such people are available, releasing them from their primary duties to assume this additional responsibility, and providing meaningful support whilst they do so, is often an insurmountable dilemma.

Karen Carpenter Coaching offers an alternative - a trusted, respected and experienced, independent health professional and qualified coach with years of accumulated wisdom and no competing responsibilities. Listed below are some of the ways that we may be able to work together but, if you have something more specific in mind, please contact me on 0333 444 9845 so that we can discuss a bespoke solution or, to email me, visit my contact page.

Option 1: Leadership Coaching for Health and Social Care Professionals

Supporting doctors, nurses, managers and allied health professionals to balance the pressures of clinical and managerial responsibilities and to grow as leaders within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Option 2: Reflective Practice

Group sessions for qualified nurses and allied health professionals to facilitate open discussion reflecting on the challenges of everyday practice

Option 3: Awaydays

Facilitated team days for managers and clinicians, working to achieve a unified understanding and commitment to organisational aims and objectives.

Option 4: Consultancy

A coaching appraoch to problems analysis, business planning and project management in a health environment; helping you to ask the right questions to achieve the best results.

What People Say

Just enjoyed a very insightful presentation from Karen Carpenter. Its the first time I have come across someone who understands the dynamics of the work-place performance, in a healthcare setting. Her vast experience comes through in her many case studies that she uses to illustrates the points she is making and to bring her presentation to life.

Tristan Brassey: Sales Director, Berwick Care

On working with Karen it is evident from the outset that she is very knowledgeable and skilled in coaching and facilitation.
Karen recently assisted us in facilitating an event with Care Sector Providers and I was immediately impressed by how quickly she grasped what was initially a rather vague outline of the objectives for the session. Karen was able to swiftly and astutely focus the thinking for us to achieve a  considered and detailed plan for the session. Her evidence based approach is demonstrated through her introducing useful models, tools and references to support the facilitation and she shares relevant suggestions to support further development and thinking .
In her facilitation of the session it was evident that Karen is well informed and was well prepared on the subject matter and the session plan. Karen draws on theory based training approaches and methods always ensuring she targets the right level of understanding for the audience.
In working with Karen I have found her to be very professional and warm in her manner. She makes you feel at ease whilst effortlessly combining the ability to both support and challenge in a positive and empowering manner. I look forward to continuing to work with Karen in her role as both facilitator and business coach.
Nicky Jacques: Chief Officer, Shropshire Partners in Care

Karen worked with myself and our Executive Team from February to August 2015, as Interim Director of Nursing & Patient Experience. This was a new role for Cygnet, and one that we had failed to appoint to in a previous attempt. Whilst engaging the services of a headhunter to find a permanent appointee, we were keen to get started with a number of projects and Karen agreed to take an interim role.

Not having had anybody in post before, we needed some help to define the role and the way in which it would interface with Operations, Governance, and the wider executive. Karen navigated that with us, and kick started a number of projects aimed at engaging more meaningfully with all strands of our clinical workforce. She took on projects to deal with PROMs, the nursing vision, the workforce strategy, and to evaluate the use of special nursing and ways of reducing that.

She was always thoughtful, considered, and thorough in her approach. She is very people-focussed, and it is easy to see her coaching style in action.

In the time that Karen undertook this role, she helped us clarify a number of priorities and cleared a number of lines of working that in effect paved the way for the permanent potholder, who joined as she was leaving. We certainly wish Karen all the best and would be very happy to give a full reference if requested

David Cole: Chief Executive, Cygnet Health Care

I feel so lucky to have met Karen. The time I spent working with her was the time that I learnt the most about how I am in the work environment. I do not say this lightly - working with Karen was truly amazing, and I am a better nurse, manager and leader for having worked with her. She worked with me to give direction to what I was trying to achieve, taught me to value my strengths and made me realise the importance of pro-action in order to achieve my goals. I have continued to have regular sessions with Karen. For me our time is an essential investment in my development, both professional and personal. Time with Karen is not always easy, believe me she can really challenge and make you work, but in a way that is respectful, encouraging and purposeful. I have certainly had positive results from putting into action what I have learnt through coaching - including securing a new job in an area that I really wanted to work in, in fact I didn't know I had any talent for this particular field until I worked with Karen - that's how good she is.
Imogen Mortiboys: Senior Manager, Health & Social Care, Birmingham

Karen has an extraordinary knack of putting people at ease and encouraging people to opening up to explore issues. One never feels lost in the conversation despite how wide the topics spread as Karen has an expert way to keep track of the pertinent deliberations and establishing clarity on the purpose of the relationship. You know that she is putting you first throughout the relationship and that you will get to a place where you can realise your objectives. Karen first supported me as a mentor several years ago whilst I was still in a relatively junior position. Her support & focus as a coach, now that I am working at a very senior level of management, remains the same.
Carl Edmunds: (Acting) Commissioning Support Director
(N&E London Commissioning Support Unit)

I regard Karen as an excellent, sincere and knowledgeable coach. Her ability to grasp the bigger picture, while paying attention to detail lends itself well to her coaching style. I felt she was genuinely interested in understanding people and helping them grow. Her open, non directive, non judgment style of interaction during coaching session stimulated thinking and growth. It helped me to look within myself to understand and overcome my weaknesses and maximise my strengths. I would highly recommend Karen as a coach to all professionals.

Dr Rajesh Moholkar: Consultant Psychiatrist, Birmingham

As a senior manager within the healthcare industry, Karen used her exceptional coaching skills with relentless energy, warmth and insightfulness to ensure that her staff felt heard, supported and understood. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch coach!

Dr Hassan Kapadia: Consultant Psychiatrist, Birmingham

You have helped me to learn so much about myself, which has restored the level of confidence l thought l had lost. I will not forget the exercises tasks and discussions we have had and will remember these when faced with a number of challenges in the future. I have a re-new belief in my abilities and capabilities which would not have been possible without your support. The skills you have, are evident in how you have moved me forward in such a way that l now have the energy and enthusiasm for developing my career further. Thank you for your patience, intelligence and knowledge.

Janet Campbell: Operational Manager, Mental Health Foundation Trust, London

I really enjoyed being coached by you Karen.  I felt very much at ease during our coaching sessions.  This allowed me to explore things in a very authentic way, as I felt safe in all my disclosures.  Your approach to the coaching sessions was extremely professional at all times, and you allowed me the time and space to express myself fully.  You also seemed to ask me the right questions at the right time which helped me open up my thinking and find solutions.  Also at these times I was able to unleash my creative thinking which is something I never thought could be achieved.  I always felt very inspired during and after our coaching sessions, which I know has led me to achieve much more than I could have dreamed possible, in the shortest possible time. .... Many thanks again  
Craig Galloway: Specialist Epilepsy Nurse, Sheffield

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