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I have loved animals all my life and over the years have enjoyed the company of just about every variety of domestic pet, large and small. If I am honest though, being a country girl at heart, I do have a particular soft spot for dogs and horses.  I am currently the proud guardian of three veteran horses, one of whom has been with me since he was 18 months old - and is now an ever youthful 26. But my constant companion and soul mate is my wise, witty and wonderful dog, an interesting cross between a German Shepherd and a German Pointer. At 12 years old and with his back legs beginning to fail, he needs more attention than in previous years but, despite this, he remains as joyful and full of life as ever and is a constant reminder to me to relish every moment. Here we are enjoying a warm afternoon in the countryside.
Karen Carpenter in field with dog Karen Carpenter walking dog

I became aware of Finding Furever Homes last year and have been incredibly impressed by the dedication of the volunteers. The work they do rehoming rescued dogs is phenomenal, and tireless, and even though sometimes this means that they encounter cases of shocking cruelty, this seems to serve only to make them even more determined to make a difference. My involvement started simply as a follower on Facebook and then Twitter, liking and sharing posts in the hope that the right family would be looking at just the right time to spot their new furever companion. A few months ago I formalised my support by becoming a regular subscriber. Now I would like to do a little more and have made a pledge to the charity to offer whatever support that I can. This means that, in addition to my regular private gift, I will be making periodic donations as a business. I will also be using my social media accounts to help promote events and will feature one of the many dogs patiently awaiting their furever home in each edition of my newsletter. I do hope you will support me and the Finding Furever team in this truly satisfying cause.

The following text and images have been supplied by Finding Furever Homes; please take a few moments to read about their inspirational, life changing work. To find out more, or to make a donation, please click here.

Finding Furever Homes (FFH) is a registered charity set up in 2013 by Andrea Newton with 3 main aims:
  1. Find loving furever homes for rescue dogs in need.
  2. Organise fund raising to support rescue costs.
  3. Raise awareness of the growing problem of unwanted dogs in the UK.

FFH works with smaller dog rescues located throughout the UK. Many of these small rescue centres receive very little support or funding, whether that is hands on volunteering, dog walking, home checks, transportation or – most importantly – helping them to re-home dogs in need.

FFH fundraises so we can support these rescue centres to cover the cost of veterinary bills and medication if needed.

Through campaigning in the press and online using social media we help to find these dogs furever homes with loving owners.

To find out more about the work of Finding Furever Homes, please follow this link or, to donate, please click here.


Finding Furever Homes



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