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If you are reading this page, my guess is that you have reached a stage in your life when you want to create a positive change in your circumstances or to improve your performance in some specific area.

Perhaps you have a clear goal in mind and are looking for the structure and support of a coaching relationship to keep you focused.

Perhaps you have dreams and aspirations of greater success or happiness but are not yet clear about how to achieve this and would like the safe space of a coaching relationship to explore this further.

Maybe you are preparing for an important event and you need to build your confidence or motivation in order to rise to the challenge and be the best that you can be.

Or perhaps change has come upon you unexpectedly and you are seeking to make sense of the new direction that your life is taking.

If you recognise yourself in any of the scenarios described above and believe that now is the time to act, STOP NOW and take some time to ask yourself these 5 life changing questions:

When you imagine the future that you want to create . . .

1. What does that future look like?
2. How soon would you like to be living that future?
3. What would you need to do to achieve that future?
4. On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to achievin
g this new future?
5. What one thing could you do today to help you achieve that future?

If these questions have got you thinking and you would like the opportunity to explore your answers, confidentially with a trained professional; someone whose sole purpose is to listen and to ask questions, sometimes challenging questions, without judging; someone who is wholeheartedly on your side and believes in your capacity to find the right answer for you; then please take a few minutes to read through the options outlined below. This will give you an idea of the ways in which coaching might work for you but, if you have something different in mind, please contact me on 0333 444 9845so that we can discuss a bespoke solution or, to email me, visit my contact page.
All bookings include an initial free, no obligation, telephone consultation so that we are both clear on the focus of the coaching before we start and can use our time most effectively.

Option 1. Focus: £129*

Single session, 90 minutes. Ideal if:
  • you are preparing for an important event such as an interview, presentation or exam
  • you need to make an important decision such as which university course to enrol on, whether to accept a job offer, moving house, etc
  • you want to change your life’s direction but are not yet clear about your goals or purpose and would like to explore this during the session
  • you feel that you have lost some of your natural drive and need to reconnect to your potential

Option 2. Achieve: From £360*

Three or more 90 minute sessions booked in advance to work towards specific outcomes. Will include interim actions and targets to keep you on track towards achieving your goal. Ideal if :
  • you are working towards a definite end goal such as losing weight, changing your job, paying off debts, passing exams etc
  • you are determined to achieve your goals and committed to do the work necessary to get you there
  • you have a clear target date or deadline to work towards
  • you need the structure of a coaching programme to help keep you focused
This option is also ideal for self funding professionals who want to optimise their performance in their working environment in order to more quickly advance their career 

Option 3. Invest: POA*

Half and full day appointments available by request. Ring me on 0333 444 9845 or email for details. 

What People Say

From the moment I started talking to Karen via a mutual connection, I knew I wanted to work with her. Her calm manner put me at ease immediately, and from our first conversation to our most recent, she listened - really listened - and elicited profound insights in a very short space of time. Her person-centred approach means that you feel she is starting from you, and building out, rather than imposing frameworks and techniques that don't necessarily fit (as I've experienced with some other coaches). Karen's coaching guided me to utilise my own knowledge, experience, skills and strengths to solve my own problems by challenging my thought patterns and bringing about a shift in perceptions. Calm, compassionate, professional, reliable and highly adaptable, I cannot recommend Karen enough.

Emily-Rose Cluderay, Performing Arts Teacher, Community Arts Practitioner, Arts and Health Researcher, Gloucestershire

I first met Karen 2 years ago when she contacted me to ask for some assistance with social media training & some printed literature. We got on well from our very first meeting & I felt completely at ease with her, so much so that I felt able to "open-up" & discuss some personal issues I was going through at the time. Karen's ability to listen and provide guidance was the catalyst for a new & positive journey in my life. I'm still ENJOYING the journey and LIFE generally. I have a great deal of admiration for Karen & can only thank her for making such an immense & positive difference to how I now approach both my personal & professional life.
Debbie Wales, Girl Friday Web & Business Services, Shropshire

I was a little sceptical about whether coaching would be the right thing for me during a troubling time when I found myself questioning many areas of my life as I approached 40 and was in turmoil about what I wanted from my life and whether I was on the right path.  I approached Karen for advice and she instantly made me feel at ease, explaining everything in detail and with compassion. After a few sessions I had discussed some of the darkest moments I had encountered in my life and by listening and reflecting on the things Karen had mentioned to me, I was able to come through the experience with much more clarity about what was important to me, and that was fundamental in the creation of a happy environment for myself and my family. We can all too easily get wrapped up in our work or in striving for something more, but often the answer is there all along...Karen helped me to realise this and dig deeper to understand how things connect together and impact on one another. We can experience scary moments in life and having someone to talk to who won't judge you is enormous as you make big decisions. I found myself feeling safer knowing I had a session coming, and I'm not sure I could have come out if it all as quickly as  I did without having Karen as my telephone buddy to listen and help me pick out the important bits. Thank you very much...and in the nicest possible way I hope I don't need you again...but if I do, I'll have no hesitation in getting in touch. All the best Karen in all you do.

Because of the sensitive nature of this coaching assignment, the client prefers to remain anonymous but I am extremely grateful for the very powerful message of hope her words convey to anyone struggling with their own personal challenges.

I am a hard working mum and nurse, and finding myself in need of some reflection of where to find my next challenge, I decided to try a bit of life coaching. This was a new experience for me and one which opened my eyes to possibilities that would not have crossed my mind. I had three sessions, where Karen coached me and helped me find and navigate pathways and opportunities.  It was a truly thought provoking and positive experience and which ultimately supported me to reach a new career opportunity. If you find yourself stuck or unsure of your next step, personally or professionally, I recommend you get in touch with Karen Carpenter. 
Anne-Marie Osborne-Fitzgerald, Clinical Services Manager, West Yorkshire

Karen is an astute and insightful coach. She uses her experience and expertise to both support and develop thinking in order to capture insights which may not have been front of mind. Karen helped me to think through what I really wanted out of my next career and helped give me the confidence to go for it!

Vicky Edmonds, Experienced Fundraising Leader and CSR Consultant

It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to be coached by Karen. She is warm and engaging and has genuine empathy and kindness towards others, whilst at the same time able to be professional and objective in analysing situations, asking searching questions etc. She helped me to formulate in clear terms exactly what it was I was trying to achieve, and assisted me to uncover the obstacles hindering previous lack of progress. She was able to draw on significant resources and coaching tools/methods to suggest those most appropriate to assisting in furthering my aims. She listened attentively and if something did not seem like quite the right fit, she was able to suggest alternatives that worked better. Some of these were practical and pragmatic, and others more creative and inspirational. I found them really helpful, much more than I expected in fact, as I am a natural sceptic! Karen is one of those rare individuals who truly embodies the philosophies, values and principles she brings to can tell that it is a true vocation as well as a profession. I am now well on the way to achieving important goals that had previously eluded me. Thank you so much Karen. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Maddie Mitchell: Case Manager, NHS Specialist Commissioning, Macclesfield

Karen’s coaching was very effective and clear. She helped me to identify and overcome resistance to sorting out an issue that I had not recognised as being such a burden. She helpfully recommended coaching tools and was always clear on what we had discussed previously and understood the nuances of it. I have not had coaching before, but I have had mentoring, and certainly found this much more useful and empowering. I think she will be very helpful as a coach to other people.

Caroline: Senior Manager, NHS, London

Having been slightly sceptical before our first chat, Karen quickly identified which aspects of my life to focus upon. In sensitive yet fun sessions she produced some amazing results - not only great for me, but beneficial to the whole family.
Debbie Cole: Freelance Marketing Consultant, Kent

* Prices quoted are based on face to face or telephone sessions of 90 minutes between 09.00 – 19.00 hours Monday to Friday, 10.00 - 18.00 hours on Saturday. Longer or shorter appointments can be arranged to suit individual circumstances. Early morning, evening and Sunday sessions can be arranged subject to availability. NB for those who prefer 60 minute appointments and to 'pay as you go', the hourly rate is £90.
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