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"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill

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For small business owners, freelancers and sole traders

Coaching as an aid to professional development is increasingly recognised by shrewd business people as an effective strategy for enhancing performance in the work place. And research has shown it generates a very healthy return on investment.

With a substantial background in health care management, including several years as a freelance consultant, and now with over 10 years experience as a leadership and business development coach, I understand the unique pressures that face small business owners and sole traders, not least the weight of accountability that comes with being solely responsible for your decisions, the constant tension between actually delivering your service and finding the time to attract new customers, the challenge of managing unpredictable cash flow and, of course, the ongoing struggle to balance home life with the demands of a growing business.

So, if you are serious about leading your business to the next level and would like to work with someone who understands the challenges of a tough and competitive working environment, please read on.

Karen Carpenter

Fitting the pieces together

When is coaching helpful?

  • For business owners who do not have the benefit of a senior management team with whom to share ideas and set strategy
  • For business owners who struggle to hold themselves accountable for getting stuff done
  • For business owners who want to shift business performance to a new level
  • For accidental leaders learning on the job how to lead and/or manage their staff team
  • For business owners who have fallen out of love with their business, and have big decisions to make for the future

What are the benefits of Business Coaching?

  • A sounding board to share and test new ideas and to process new information
  • Getting really clear on vision, mission and strategy so you can plan the way forward
  • Better understanding and management of risks and challenges
  • An accountability partner challenging you to get the stuff that matters done
  • More considered use of time and resources
  • Improved resilience through more effective stress management
  • Greater self-awareness and confidence leading to more effective leadership
  • A more harmonious relationship with your business

What are the options?

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Strategy Days

Half or full days dedicated to the development of your company vision: assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, clarifying values and goals, reviewing options and identifying short, medium and long term actions necessary to turn the vision into reality.

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Virtual Business Partner

Monthly, facilitated business meetings for small business owners and sole traders to track and evaluate progress against agreed performance indicators.

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Thinking Buddy

When your head is so full that you can't think straight and need someone to help you untangle the threads, take control of your time, brainstorm your ideas, and reconnect with your priorities.

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Mastermind Groups

By invitation, maximum of six entrepreneurs per group meeting regularly to support and accelerate each other’s success; ideal for those who find inspiration and accountability in the company of like-minded people.

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Karen has been an exceptional character to work with over the last few years and has really supported my business in some difficult phases for me, that have then blossomed in to noticeable developments in my business. She has such a willingness to accept where I am and to ask the tricky questions I need to move me forward and upward at every turn. She has been excellent at turning the perceptual tables on any idea, problem or situation to give me a much deeper and richer understanding of it. She has supported and encouraged me to make the healthiest choices, not just for my business, but myself, so that I am not building one at the expense of the other. I highly recommend her and her approach to anyone looking to improve how their business is working and will continue to work with her myself.

Owner, Centre for Integral Health
Ben Calder

Highly Recommended. I signed up for a package of business coaching sessions with Karen and she has helped with all sorts of aspects of my business. She has extensive experience in business at a high level and I think she is equipped better than most to help me get my business to where I want it to be.

Business Owner, Office Art Rental Company
Mark Anderson

Big thank you to Karen for her services last Saturday 3rd Nov on our LGV Driver CPC Day. Karen came along to our Cpc Course as an observer, to give me a detailed and no holds barred opinion on how our classroom courses are being delivered. This was a great exercise for us and Karen has given me a very informative and valued report. Great top tips and guidance from a truly experienced business coach.

Managing Director, Shaw's Driver Training
Steve Shaw

I joined Karen on a mastermind group in 2019. It helped me to focus on building my business and planning how, and where, to contact people. I was held to task which was good. Each of us developed action plans within the group and Karen was a task master to make sure we did it. Through Karen, and other members of the group, I secured some new business within Shropshire. Introductions were very important and sometimes provided a way into other organisations where your and their skills complemented. Thank you Karen for holding me to task and making me focus.

Lip Reading and Deaf Awareness Tutor, In the Loop Hearing
Sally Joyner

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