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Individual and team coaching for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to get ahead and stay ahead in their business . . .

Yes You CanCoaching as an aid to professional development is increasingly recognised by shrewd business people as an effective strategy for enhancing performance in the work place. This is certainly true in private enterprise and increasingly within the public sector.
With a background in psychiatric nursing and more than 20 years experience of senior operational management, including various Director roles and 8 years freelance as a consultant and trainer, working across public, private and voluntary sectors, I understand the pressures of responsibility that go hand in hand with business leadership; the constant demands to achieve more with less whilst maintaining and improving standards, the courageous conversations that challenge the most resilient managers, and the struggle to balance home life with a 24/7 career. And as an independent practitioner, I also understand the unique pressures that face sole traders and small business owners, not least the weight of accountability that comes with being solely responsible for your decisions and, of course, the constant tension between actually delivering your service and finding the time to attract new customers.
So, if you are serious about leading your business to the next level and you would like to work with someone who understands the challenges of a tough and competitive working environment, then please take a little time to read through the options outlined below. This will give you an idea of the ways in which we might work together but, if you have something more specific in mind, please contact me on 0333 444 9845 so that we can discuss a more bespoke solution or, to email me, visit my contact page.

Option 1. Leadership Coaching

One to one coaching for business leaders, senior managers and entrepreneurs - creating the space and time to think through executive decisions, test ideas, reflect on actions, and explore new possibilities for personal and business growth.

What's Included
  • Initial Self Assessment Questionnaire and preliminary discussion to agree the focus of coaching
  • 6 x 90 minute appointments over a period of up to 6 months
  • 30 minute follow up evaluation
  • If preferred, appointments can be extended to 2 hours
  • Interim catch up calls can be scheduled if required
  • Additional sessions can be added, subject to review.

Option 2. Performance Coaching

One to one coaching for newly appointed and developing staff - goal setting and action planning to optimise performance within a new or high pressure working environment where coaching has been identified as one element of a broader talent management strategy.  

What's Included
  • Initial 3 way meeting with coachee and sponsor to agree focus of coaching and discuss parameters
  • 6 x 90 minute appointments over a period up to 6 months
  • Interim 3 way review with coachee and sponsor
  • Final 3 way evaluation
  • If preferred, appointments can be extended to 2 hours
  • Additional sessions can be added, subject to review.

Option 3. Team Building

Full days off site for whole teams - focused on developing trust and enhancing team working within a safe and structured environment. The primary purpose is to create an alternative thinking environment in which team members feel able to express their views and concerns and contribute their ideas whilst, at the same time, listening with respect to colleagues expressing their own views. The secondary purpose of the day is to relax and have fun together.

What's Included
  • Exploratory discussion with project sponsor to determine aims, objectives and expected outcomes
  • Planning of structure and content, reviewing draft with project sponsor and making any revisions
  • Facilitating programme
  • Evaluation
  • Use of Karen Carpenter Coaching faacilities
  • Programme specific expenses
  • Follow up day

NB if using Karen Carpenter Coaching training facilities, room hire and basic refreshments are included; provision of lunch is the responsibility of the client. If using an alternative venue, travel time and expenses may be chargeable.

Option 4. Strategy Days

Half or full days either one to one or as facilitated awaydays for senior teams - dedicated solely to the development of your company vision: assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, clarifying values and goals, reviewing options and identifying short, medium and long term actions necessary to turn the vision into reality.

What's Included
  • Initial briefing to understand current and desired position of company and clarify expectations
  • Planning of structure and content, review and revise as required
  • Facilitating strategy day
  • Follow up phone call within one month
  • Use of Karen Carpenter Coaching facilities
  • Follow up day

NB if using Karen Carpenter Coaching training facilities, room hire and basic refreshments are included; provision of lunch is the responsibility of the client. If using an alternative venue, travel time and expenses may be chargeable.

What People Say

Having never used the services of a business Coach before I was a little apprehensive introducing Karen to my team. However it turned out to be a really good decision. Karen is highly professional, knowledgeable and has the personal experience of working in high pressure environments herself...she has walked the talk. Karen helped my team cope with immense change in our business. It is hard to explain what Karen does, it is both challenging yet rewarding, easy yet hard, simple yet complicated. She helps you realise you actually have all the just don’t know it. If in doubt arrange to have a chat with her and decide for yourself...thanks Karen.
Jason King, Owner/Director, Bayfield Vehicle Hire

I have been reticent to employ the services of a Life Coach as wasn't convinced it would make a difference to me. How wrong was I!?! Karen is the most superb coach with an awesome capacity for asking the right questions at the right times to challenge one's perceptions. I have no hesitation at all recommending her because you will most definitely get a return on any investment you make with her.

Jacqui Goss, Independent Consultant, Arbonne International
I've been having sessions with Karen for almost a year now and have found her willingness to just accept where I am and ask the (sometimes difficult) questions that help me move from the cul-de-sac of my stuckness to the open road of possibility just amazing. She is really helping me through what for me is a very difficult business and and I cannot recommend her and her approach enough

Ben Calder, Owner, Centre for Integral Health, Shrewsbury

Karen is a great communicator and quick to spot and challenge me in my thought processes to get to the bottom of them. I've been working with her for several months and really appreciate her insight..she understands business and business people, and focuses our sessions so that we can achieve a huge amount in a short time. This means that I don't have to take a lot of time away from the business to get that improvement. I've spoken to enough fellow business owners to know that they've had the same quality of experience when dealing with Karen..its not just me.

Jane Shaw, Owner, JS Business and Admin

Karen has really helped me to focus on my business development goals and how to achieve them. She is supportive and inquisitive, asking the right questions and encouraging me to think my ideas through. Many thanks Karen.

Kay Brophy, Psychologist and Family Practitioner

I was such a sceptic. I’ve gotta be honest, I thought all of this coaching lark was all a bit of a con. I didn’t understand it, and I certainly didn’t think I needed it. That was until I met Karen who didn’t explain it to me, but started asking me simple questions over coffee that got me thinking about areas where I struggle. I knew Karen was a coach, but that wasn’t why we were having coffee.. Whilst I was internally thinking about how the problems that I’m having could be resolved if I did x, y, and z... I didn’t immediately make the connection that in fact.. I had just experienced a little bit of coaching.

A few weeks passed, business was growing, and I was struggling to keep all of the plates turning simultaneously.. Still a little sceptical about it all, I continued to have a couple of friendly catch ups over a coffee. I finally decided to bite the bullet and book three sessions with Karen, and my-oh-my... It is one of the best business and personal development decisions I’ve ever made!!

Karen is very easy to speak to, calming and able to convey complex struggles in a very easy manner that empowers you to find your answers. Karen has literally changed my perspective on a host of areas, helped me visualise my goals and importantly empowered me to build my own path to get there... and ALL from just a few sessions. I get ‘it’ now! A massive thank you to Karen – I’m a complete convert, and would highly recommend that if you’re feeling the pressure and struggling, don’t struggle alone! Speak to Karen!!

Stephanie Henson, Director, Six Ticks

The first thing that struck me about Karen was her voice. It is very calming and restful and puts you at your ease straight away. The second thing I noticed was that Karen listens and I mean REALLY listens which is so important as a coach and is, obviously, something that comes completely naturally to her. She asks questions to make you think, but is never confrontational and never makes you feel uneasy. I would certainly highly recommend her.
Sarah Houldcroft, Managing Director, Goldcrest Books International Ltd.

Greenvale is the UK’s leading supplier of fresh potatoes and potato products supplying to major retailers with various sites across the UK. We undertook the career coaching services as a part of our outplacement activities, assisting employees who were unfortunately at risk of redundancy. Karen’s flexible approach allowed us to plan the coaching sessions both on site as well as off site at her office, meeting with staff availability and shift patterns. Those attending the coaching were from differing areas of the business from shop-floor to management. Feedback from the coaching was positive from all staff attending and working with Karen has helped all individuals plan for their future. We would recommend her services.
Marie Speight, Group Learning & Development Manager, Greenvale AP

Hi Karen, I wanted to put a few words down to thank you for the time you spent with me. I found the whole thing very useful and productive. It was great to have somebody listening as well as asking me to examine all the threads of my work and home life. As you know I was at an academic and professional crossroads, your neutrality and understanding helped me to make the complete about-turn that I actually needed to do! I think I would have taken the easy option if you hadn’t thrown in a few curve balls, whilst allowing me to find what is certainly the correct path for me. I found the ‘fast forward visualisation’ technique for each scenario very useful, and ultimately I was able to see clarity, and realised not only what would bring me the most happiness, but would also work best for my life and family both at the time and in the future. Many thanks again, and I have had no second thoughts and certainly no regrets about the path I have chosen, and I am looking forward to my continued study in the autumn.
Jennie Collins, Equestrian and Entrepreneur

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