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"Creating a safe space to think is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and one of the greatest services we can offer to others." - Karen Carpenter

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Despite the name, there is only one Karen Carpenter. Described by others as wise, brave and empathic, I am equally comfortable working with successful executives as with small business owners, and sole traders just starting out on their journey.

Essentially non-directive, my coaching style draws on years of experience of leading teams in a high pressure, high risk environment where the consequences of getting things wrong has the potential to cause significant harm to multiple stakeholders, as well as to the financial stability and reputation of the organisation.

I have worked as an Associate Coach with bigger, international companies – and I know what they charge. I want coaching to be accessible to the business leaders of tomorrow at a time they most need it, that’s why I have created a range of different options for working together – and why I tailor my prices to suit your stage of development.

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Shropshire's Karen Carpenter

Shropshire's Karen Carpenter

Action Oriented

I have always embraced change and am not afraid to take those big decisions in pursuit of my personal goals. That's what led me to take voluntary redundancy on two separate occasions and what ultimately resulted in me choosing to swap my nursing past for a new future as a coach.

When not coaching, I can generally be found with my horses – one of whom, a now 29 year old Arabian gelding, raced successfully under my colours in the mid-nineties. Sunrise Sadiq, aka Barney, is the embodiment of my childhood dreams; a graceful, supremely intelligent athlete who excelled in his sport, taking us on a journey where, together, we stood side by side with some of the elite of the Arab Racing world. Placed third on his first outing, his win over a mile and a half the following year remains one of the proudest days of my life.

My pride and joy: Sunrise Sadiq

My pride and joy: Sunrise Sadiq


Director: A registered mental health nurse for over 30 years, I have held various senior manager positions including: Clinical Director, Service Director, Hospital Director (private and voluntary sectors), and Director of Nursing.

Risk Specialist: During the 1990s, I played a significant role in the closure of out dated institutions, and the simultaneous development of modern community alternatives for people with complex and challenging behaviours. As a result of this work, I developed a special interest in risk management, creating protocols and training packages to support front line staff in their assessment of actual and potential risk, and advising Board Directors on the investment risk of new service developments. As interest in my work grew, articles and conference presentations followed, ultimately resulting in a decision to leave the NHS to embark on a new career as a freelance consultant and trainer.

Change Agent: During the ensuing eight years, I worked with public, private and voluntary organisations, growing my reputation as a skilled trouble shooter, and facilitator, whilst, at the same time, discovering first-hand the ups and downs of self-employment. In 2007, I was persuaded to return to the NHS as Service Director for an inner London borough, responsible for the full range of adult mental health services; approximately 400 clinical, social work, managerial, and administrative staff working across multiple sites during a period of complex change.

Coach: I completed my Diploma in Performance and Life Coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming in early 2012 and have been working full time as an executive and business development coach since 2016. I am an accredited Senior Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, and a TTI accredited DISC practitioner.

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