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Business and Personal Development Coach

Helping you and your business get from where you are now, to where you want to be

Is your career going in the direction you imagined?
Is your business performing as well as you know it could?
Are your employees really your best asset?
Are you achieving your full potential?
Do you feel that time is passing you by?

Based in the beautiful English county of Shropshire , mid-way between the historic towns of Shrewsbury and Oswestry, I am incredibly lucky to be located amidst some of the most inspiring countryside, surrounded by stunning views of ever changing landscapes. For me, this represents one element of my own intended lifestyle and is something I am grateful for each day. Gone are the days of six hour commutes in and out of London, grabbing a quick sandwich to keep me going just before leaping on to a packed evening train; now replaced by a one minute walk across the garden to my home office, and instant access to all the fresh air and vitality the English countryside has to offer.

Having taken some of those BIG DECISIONS , I know more than most, that achieving your business and life goals doesn't come easily. Whether the journey starts with an intense desire to live a certain lifestyle, to be respected as a certain type of person, or to achieve a burning ambition; or whether it is triggered more by a desire to escape from the way things are; creating sustainable change requires focused determination and considerable effort. Set backs are inevitable, disappointments likely, and the pain of hard graft without immediate gratification can be hugely demoralising. But, when you achieve your goals all that pain and effort pales into insignificance compared with the sense of freedom that comes with achievement!

Working with a  qualified, professional coach can make the difference between moving forward and giving up; helping you to develop a clear and compelling vision of the future you wish to create for yourself whilst, at the same time, offering a carefully balanced blend of support and challenge.  Ultimately though, the power is with you - if you are prepared to take the next step; if you can remain focused amidst the babble of other people's opinions; if you can trust yourself to keep going when circumstances seem to conspire against you, and if you can embrace failure as another opportunity to learn something new, something that will propel you further forward; then the whole of your life, and your achievements, are yours to command.

In the immortal words of George Eliot: 'It's never too late to be who you might have been.'

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PS. If you happen to be a fan of The Carpenters and have stumbled across this website by accident - sorry about that! But, if you also believe that everything happens for a reason , I hope you will stay a while and see if there is anything here that connects with you right now!


Business Coaching

. . . individual and team coaching for business leaders and entrepreneurs  who want to get ahead and stay ahead in their business

Personal Coaching

. . .  performance and life coaching for people who are serious about achieving their life goals

Leadership and Team Coaching for Health and Social Care

. . . coaching, consultancy and team building for organisations providing health and social care

Leadership Coaching
One to one coaching for leaders, senior managers and entrepreneurs
Performance Coaching
One to one coaching for newly appointed and developing staff 

Team Building
Developing trust and enhancing team working within a safe and structured environment.

Strategy Days 
Senior manager awaydays focusing wholly on the development of your company vision and strategic action plans


Single coaching session, best for focusing on specific imminent events such as exams or interviews. Also suitable for those wishing to change their lives but not yet sure of the direction.
3 or more coaching sessions over a period of 3 – 12 weeks. Of particular benefit to people working towards a definite end goal, with interim actions and targets to keep you on track.

Half or full day appointments for those who prefer a more intense coaching experience to kick start or reboot efforts to take that life changing action.


One to One Coaching
Supporting doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and senior managers to balance the pressures of clinical and operational responsibilities
Reflective Practice
Group sessions for qualified nurses and allied health professionals to reflect on clinical practice.
Facilitated team days for health and social care managers and clinicians.
A coaching approach to problems analysis, business planning and project managment within a health or socail care environment.

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