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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahatma Gandhi

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For doctors, nurses and allied health professionals

With more than 30 years' experience of health and social care in the UK, I understand well how caring is changing - the incredible advances in technology; new treatments becoming ever more available that bring hope where, previously, there was only desperation; a shift to a more consumer-centric ethos - and, with it all, an emerging culture of big business that feels less and less personal to those who provide the actual care.

National shortages of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, at a time when standards and expectations are higher than they have ever been, and demand beyond what is affordable, has undoubtedly contributed to the high levels of stress experienced by those working in the caring professions whilst, at the same time, reducing access to wise mentors. With more and more practitioners seeking sanctuary through agencies, or opting for a different career altogether, the question this raises for all health and social care providers is:

SPIC Seminar, no-one comes to work to do a bad job!

SPIC Seminar, no-one comes to work to do a bad job!

How do we attract and retain the best, most dedicated, most compassionate and effective managers and clinicians?

Research has shown that coaching not only builds on the existing skills of health professionals, enhancing performance and accelerating professional growth but, the opportunity to reflect in a safe space has also been shown to build personal resilience enabling practitioners to better withstand the unique pressures of their working environment.

When is coaching helpful?

  • For established clinicians about to embark on a new role
  • For team leaders who are struggling to get the most out of their team
  • For newly qualified practitioners as they transition into their clinical role
  • For aspirational leaders who want to accelerate their progress

What are the benefits of Coaching for Health Professionals?

  • Safe space to reflect and process unique and challenging situations
  • A critical friend to give honest feedback on observed behaviours
  • New ways of thinking and responding
  • Greater self-awareness and confidence in role
  • More rounded and effective leadership
  • Accelerated progress through targeted personal development
  • Improved resilience through more effective stress management

What are the options?

Health Professional Stethoscope

New in Post

Supporting new in post health professionals manage the transition into a new role, company, or location.

Health Professional Stethoscope

Leadership Development

Supporting doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals to balance the pressures of clinical and managerial responsibilities and to grow as leaders within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Health Professional Stethoscope

Reflective Practice

Creating a safe space for qualified nurses and allied health professionals to reflect individually, or as a group, on the challenges of everyday practice.

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The concept of a personal coach was a foreign one to me until several years ago when I began to access the support of Karen Carpenter Coaching and, quite frankly, I wished I had done so sooner.........Since starting my coaching with Karen I have found the journey to be both humbling and transformational, and have a greater appreciation of the value of an experienced, knowledgeable person guiding and holding you to account. Karen’s firm but gentle and measured approach to coaching has been nurturing but challenging, resulting in me developing an even deeper knowledge and understanding of myself on a personal and professional level - more so with our recent application of the DISC profiling tool, which has helped me see more of myself from an objective point of view.

Nursing Services Manager, Private Hospital, London
Ignatius Chikambi

I feel so lucky to have met Karen. The time I spent working with her was the time that I learnt the most about how I am in the work environment. I do not say this lightly - working with Karen was truly amazing, and I am a better nurse, manager and leader for having worked with her. She worked with me to give direction to what I was trying to achieve, taught me to value my strengths and made me realise the importance of pro-action in order to achieve my goals. I have continued to have regular sessions with Karen. For me our time is an essential investment in my development, both professional and personal. Time with Karen is not always easy, believe me she can really challenge and make you work, but in a way that is respectful, encouraging and purposeful. I have certainly had positive results from putting into action what I have learnt through coaching - including securing a new job in an area that I really wanted to work in, in fact I didn't know I had any talent for this particular field until I worked with Karen - that's how good she is.

Senior Manager, Health & Social Care, Birmingham
Imogen Mortiboys

I regard Karen as an excellent, sincere and knowledgeable coach. Her ability to grasp the bigger picture, while paying attention to detail lends itself well to her coaching style. I felt she was genuinely interested in understanding people and helping them grow. Her open, non directive, non judgment style of interaction during coaching session stimulated thinking and growth. It helped me to look within myself to understand and overcome my weaknesses and maximise my strengths. I would highly recommend Karen as a coach to all professionals.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Birmingham
Dr Rajesh Moholkar

You have helped me to learn so much about myself, which has restored the level of confidence l thought l had lost. I will not forget the exercises tasks and discussions we have had and will remember these when faced with a number of challenges in the future. I have a re-new belief in my abilities and capabilities which would not have been possible without your support. The skills you have, are evident in how you have moved me forward in such a way that l now have the energy and enthusiasm for developing my career further. Thank you for your patience, intelligence and knowledge.

Operational Manager, Mental Health Foundation Trust, London
Janet Campbell

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