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"Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximise their own performance." - Sir John Whitmore

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For executive directors and senior managers

Executive coaching has grown steadily as a profession over the last twenty years and is now widely acknowledged as an effective tool to support senior leaders achieve optimum performance in their roles. Evidence has shown that it has a greater impact on performance than other interventions, significantly enhancing goal attainment whilst, at the same time, building resilience and workplace well-being.

With over twenty years’ experience of senior operational management, including various Director roles in public, private and voluntary sectors, I understand the pressures of responsibility that go hand in hand with business leadership: the tough decisions that have consequences far beyond the day to day; the constant demands to achieve more with less, whilst maintaining and improving standards; the challenge to balance compassionate leadership with an imperative to achieve and surpass targets; the lonely moments of doubt and introspection; and the exhausting struggle to balance home life with a 24/7 career.

Coaching with a trained and experienced professional offers a safe space to reflect on what matters most; the opportunity to be listened to critically, away from all the clamouring and expectation – to explore your true motives, objectively assess your performance, and connnect with your best thinking.

Executive coaching in Shropshire

Executive coaching in Shropshire

When is coaching helpful?

  • For directors and very senior managers who have limited peer support with whom to evaluate and discuss tough decisions
  • For newly appointed executives and senior managers as they transition into a new role/team/project
  • For leaders who have identified an aspect of their company, or personal performance, that they want to improve or enhance
  • To fast track leadership development of top talent
  • For executives who are at a crossroads and need to make big decisions about their future direction

What are the benefits of Executive Coaching?

  • Time to slow down, step away from the everyday and reflect on what matters most
  • A confidential thinking partner to test and challenge assumptions, and to give honest feedback on observed behaviours
  • More considered decision making
  • Greater self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy for others
  • New ways of thinking and responding
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved resilience through more effective stress management

What are the options?

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First 90 Days

Supporting executives to make best use of critical opportunities during the first three months of transition into a new role, company or location.

Executive Coaching, Image of Briefcase

Leadership Development

Creating the space and time for new leaders to think through executive decisions, test ideas, reflect on performance, consider options, and explore new possiblities for personal and business growth.

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Short, medium, or long term contracts; tailored specifically to address the immediate or ongoing needs of seasoned executives.

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As a leader in a charitable organisation I knew coaching would be beneficial for specific development needs but initial research suggested it was a luxury we couldn't afford. I was fortunate to have Karen recommended to us, who had a very open conversation with us about affordability and put together a package of coaching that exceeded our expectations. The experience left us all with the overwhelming feeling that we couldn't afford not to use this service, the process of modernising systems took place at such a rate, it undoubtedly saved us money.

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Shrewsbury Ark
Karen Higgins

Karen is very easy to speak to, calming and able to convey complex struggles in a very easy manner that empowers you to find your answers. Karen has literally changed my perspective on a host of areas, helped me visualise my goals and importantly empowered me to build my own path to get there... and ALL from just a few sessions. I get ‘it’ now! A massive thank you to Karen – I’m a complete convert, and would highly recommend that if you’re feeling the pressure and struggling, don’t struggle alone! Speak to Karen!!

Director, Six Ticks
Stephanie Henson

After several sessions with Karen I've noticed a number of subtle positive changes in my approach to various elements of business. Her techniques really do clear through much of the 'white noise' and allow for more defined decision making. Sessions are relaxed and comfortable but also provide challenges and rich, thought evoking questions! If you've never considered a business coach before, talk to Karen. Highly recommended

MD, Home Tyre Group
Andy Lawrence

I have been working with Karen now for over a year and in this time she has been an immense help to me and also my senior team. When I started working with Karen I did not know what to expect but after the first few sessions I knew I had made the best decision to engage with her services. She is very professional and has helped me and my business in all areas from growth to personnel planning and I know we are lucky to have found her.

Director, DM Recruitment
Stuart Danks

Coaching with Karen was invaluable. She offered some great insights and I felt very comfortable being open and reflective with her. She is a genuine and authentic person. I truly felt I could be myself and would absolutely recommend her as someone who will help you explore and think through career and transition. She has certainly helped me.

Director of Quality, Priory Group
Natasha Sloman

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