"Self awareness involves deep personal honesty. It comes from asking and answering hard questions." - Stephen Covey

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What is DISC?

Research suggests that the most successful people are those who take time to understand themselves. The TTI Success Insights DISC assessment is a computerised behavioural assessment, trusted by millions across the world, that measures preferred behavioural styles across four distinct domains:

  • Dominance - how you respond to problems and challenges
  • Influence – how you influence others to your point of view
  • Steadiness – how you respond to the pace of the environment
  • Compliance – how you respond to rules and procedures set by others

Each behavioural style is scored on a scale of 0 – 100 generating a unique report that offers insights into; general characteristics, preferred style of communicating, ideal environment, perceptions of self and others, and keys to motivation. There are no right or wrong behaviours, but certain behavioural traits may well be better suited to certain types of roles than others.

DISC feedback with Shaun Philpott, Copia Wealth & Tax

DISC feedback with Shaun Philpott, Copia Wealth & Tax

Individual DISC reports provide comparisons between natural and adapted styles of behaviour which can assist in understanding the extent to which an individual is adjusting their behaviour to fit in with their understanding of what is expected of them within their role. This in turn can offer insight into the level of pressure a person may be experiencing, and the reasons why, creating the opportunity to explore any relevant support needs.

When is DISC Helpful?

  • For leaders who want to develop a better understanding of their own behavioural style in order to target any particular areas that are inhibiting their performance
  • As a tool for line managers who want to improve their understanding of direct reports in order to facilitate more tailored support and encouragement in their role
  • For teams where individuals are struggling to work together effectively and who would benefit from better understanding individual behavioural styles
  • When new ways of working require a change of culture or behavior that will require staff to adjust to different ways of behaving in the workplace
  • When staff are confronted with the possibility of redundancy and want to better understand their skill set in order to target the most likely opportunities
  • For project leaders who need to put together a team of people with complimentary behavioural preferences
  • When a new role requires a particular skill set that may not be revealed through a generic recruitment process alone

What are the benefits of DISC?

  • Greater awareness of individual strengths and challenges within the work environment
  • Personalised action plan targeting areas that are most likely to enhance performance
  • Better understanding and tolerance of individual preferences between team members
  • More objective discussion between managers and direct reports regarding performance in the role and possible support options
  • Improved performance against personal and team targets
  • Increased likelihood of recruiting the right candidate into key positions

What are the options?

DISC Wheel

Executive Profile

A 21 page individual report showing natural and adapted styles of behaviour with insights into: general characteristics, value to the organisation, communication, perceptions, descriptors, areas for improvement, behavioural hierarchy.

DISC Wheel

Management-Staff Profile

A 25 page individual report showing natural and adapted styles of behaviour, similar in construction to executive report but with additional insights into: ideal environment, keys to motivating, keys to managing.

DISC Wheel

Team Profile

A 36 page team report showing a graphic representation of a team’s behavioural make up in relation to the four quadrants; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance and setting out the likely strengths and challenges of individual profiles within the team.

DISC Wheel

Workplace Behaviours

A short, 13 page report describing job characteristics in relation to the four key domains; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance as well as conflicting job requirements, behavioural hierarchy with suggested interview questions.

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Thanks to Karen's excellent training sessions and conducting DISC assessments for all our senior management we have been able to change the way we train our staff. The DISC has enabled us to understand our staff in a whole new way, understand how they respond to different situations as well as build teams around them. The DISC assessments mixed with Karen's unique ability to read between the lines in how this could be portrayed in a business world has been of great value and made us far more focused as a business.

Director, DM Recruitment
Stuart Danks

I met Karen whilst networking and having originally had a free coaching taster session with her, which proved useful in getting me thinking about where I'm taking my business, I recently underwent a DISC profiling exercise with Karen. Karen took the time to explain the report on my DISC profile so I was clear in its content and meaning and ensured I was clear on the nature of the actions I needed to put in place in light of the findings of my report. It was an extremely useful process in raising my self-awareness and in giving me a clear steer on how I interact with people and how to interact effectively with others - I would recommend going through this process with Karen if you want to be more effective in your dealings with others.

Managing Director, Copia Wealth & Tax Ltd
Shaun Philpott FCA

When completing the 15 minute online questionnaire for the DISC assessment, it was hard to believe that any great depth of insight could be gained from such a quick and easy process.  However, the accuracy and detail of the report that followed, combined with Karen's experienced guidance and laser sharp insight, proved to be most helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.

Professional Coach
Emily Bell

Karen conducted a DISC behavioural analysis for me in my capacity as a Senior Manager. I cannot recommend this service highly enough for anyone who manages people or teams... or in fact for anyone that has to navigate any kind of meaningful relationship in their life! I found the assessment itself to be really accurate and insightful. I was particularly impressed by the depth of analysis it offered. But I must say that it was Karen's experience and skill during the feedback session that made the biggest difference from previous personality assessments I have undertaken (there have been a few!). I found that Karen was able to patiently guide me through the results and help me to draw out connections and conclusions that a) I would have been unlikely to achieve on my own and b) are of considerable value for me, both personally and professionally. Thank you so much Karen... I will certainly be recommending this service to my colleagues and wider contacts.

Senior Branch Manager/Mentor at A-Plan Insurance
Chris Beane

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