Busy Bee

Posted on 20th June 2023

The image above (apologies for the poor quality) is a bumble bee nest I discovered yesterday evening - a couple of days ago the hole they have excavated did not exist!

Nature really is amazing - and the astonishing productivity of the bees got me thinking about the value of living and working in our comfort zone.

So often we hear that it is 'outside our comfort zone that the magic happens'. And, it's certainly true that, if we want to succeed, we must be willing to face the unfamiliar, to expand our horizons, and to test the depth of our resilience.

But in challenging ourselves to move out from our comfort zone, we shouldn't forget that comfort zones also have their value. In fact, for most creatures, the challenge of their life is to remain within their comfort zone, because that is where they are most likely to thrive. And, in the case of the bees, the place where they are most productive!

It seems to me that - for those of us who have dreams to fulfil and goals to achieve - the real magic happens when we have a healthy blend of challenge, and comfort.

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