End of the road?

Posted on 31st July 2023


Earlier today, I came across a presentation that I had put together for a business event back in 2018. Still attired in my old branding, all the content now feels just a little bit dated. But, one slide – the final one of the presentation - still resonates sharply with the challenges faced by business owners, particularly during the early years of business.

The slide was prompted by a real experience when the road outside my office was temporarily closed for repairs. Without prior notice of the closure, I was left to contact clients at short notice in an attempt to provide an alternative route. This was the outcome

·        One client answered my call and was able to follow the alternative route

·        One client arrived as usual via a different route

·        One arrived late after following a lengthy diversion

·        One stopped at the road block and rang for assistance

·        One assessed the situation and managed to manoeuvre around the road block.

Why do I still like this slide?

Very like in business, for one problem, it turned out there were actually multiple ways forward. Some were better than others, some required a bit more effort, or thinking outside the box. But, the real point is this – no one used it as an excuse to go home! The appointment had been booked, they wanted the thinking time and - having travelled this far - everyone believed that arriving late was better than not arriving at all! And some even surprised themselves with their resourcefulness – something we could celebrate during our subsequent conversation. 

The question is – what would you do when the road ahead is blocked?


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