Lucky Find

Posted on 17th June 2023

I've found a lot of four-leaf clovers over the years (five & six leaf clovers too) but these are the first I have discovered in bloom.

What I've noticed is that, very often, the four-leaf clover is standing much taller than its neighbours - almost as if it wants to be discovered! And this one, in particular, with its vibrant summer colour, leaped out to me as I passed by the shrub under which it was flourishing.

The second thing I have noticed about four-leaf clovers is that, where there is one, there are usually others; a proud congregation of the unique and unusual.

The third thing I have noticed is that every time I give a four-leaf clover away, it not only feels good in the moment – but it is not too much longer before I find another one. And, closely linked to this, just sharing the image online seems to generate a very positive response.

Those that have attended my events (see, will know that I am a great believer in the instructive power of metaphor and, in particular the leadership and life lessons we can draw from our history and our environment.

Nature provides us with an abundance of clues on how to survive and thrive that are relevant to the world of leadership and business – the four-leaf clover is no exception. Here are just a few examples

1. Stand tall and own your glory

2. Celebrate diversity

3. However unique, we are all better together

4. Luck is dynamic – to keep it flowing through your life, pass it on

5. In the absence of the real thing, a picture can be a powerful substitute, stimulating the same positive feelings

 For those of you reading this who may need a boost just now, I hope the sight of this little flower brings you all the luck you need. And, if it does, please remember to pass it on!


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