"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

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Karen has an extraordinary knack of putting people at ease and encouraging people to opening up to explore issues. One never feels lost in the conversation despite how wide the topics spread as Karen has an expert way to keep track of the pertinent deliberations and establishing clarity on the purpose of the relationship. You know that she is putting you first throughout the relationship and that you will get to a place where you can realise your objectives.

(Acting) Commissioning Support Director
Carl Edmunds

After several sessions with Karen I've noticed a number of subtle positive changes in my approach to various elements of business. Her techniques really do clear through much of the 'white noise' and allow for more defined decision making. Sessions are relaxed and comfortable but also provide challenges and rich, thought evoking questions! If you've never considered a business coach before, talk to Karen. Highly recommended

MD Home Tyre Group
Andy Lawrence

I have been working with Karen now for over a year and in this time she has been an immense help to me and also my senior team. When I started working with Karen I did not know what to expect but after the first few sessions I knew I had made the best decision to engage with her services. She is very professional and has helped me and my business in all areas from growth to personnel planning and I know we are lucky to have found her.

Director DM Recruitment
Stuart Danks

Karen is very easy to speak to, calming and able to convey complex struggles in a very easy manner that empowers you to find your answers. Karen has literally changed my perspective on a host of areas, helped me visualise my goals and importantly empowered me to build my own path to get there... and ALL from just a few sessions. I get ‘it’ now! A massive thank you to Karen – I’m a complete convert, and would highly recommend that if you’re feeling the pressure and struggling, don’t struggle alone! Speak to Karen!!

Director, Six Ticks
Stephanie Henson

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Big thank you to Karen for her services last Saturday 3rd Nov on our LGV Driver CPC Day. Karen came along to our Cpc Course as an observer, to give me a detailed and no holds barred opinion on how our classroom courses are being delivered. This was a great exercise for us and Karen has given me a very informative and valued report. Great top tips and guidance from a truly experienced business coach.

Managing Director Shaw's Driver Training
Steve Shaw

Highly Recommended. I signed up for a package of business coaching sessions with Karen and she has helped with all sorts of aspects of my business. She has extensive experience in business at a high level and I think she is equipped better than most to help me get my business to where I want it to be.

Business Owner, Office Art Rental Company
Mark Anderson

Karen has been an exceptional character to work with over the last few years and has really supported my business in some difficult phases for me, that have then blossomed in to noticeable developments in my business. She has such a willingness to accept where I am and to ask the tricky questions I need to move me forward and upward at every turn. She has been excellent at turning the perceptual tables on any idea, problem or situation to give me a much deeper and richer understanding of it. She has supported and encouraged me to make the healthiest choices, not just for my business, but myself, so that I am not building one at the expense of the other. I highly recommend her and her approach to anyone looking to improve how their business is working and will continue to work with her myself.

Owner Centre for Integral Health
Ben Calder

"I joined Karen on a mastermind group in 2019. It helped me to focus on building my business and planning how, and where, to contact people. I was held to task which was good. Each of us developed action plans within the group and Karen was a task master to make sure we did it. Through Karen, and other members of the group, I secured some new business within Shropshire. Introductions were very important and sometimes provided a way into other organisations where your and their skills complemented. Thank you Karen for holding me to task and making me focus."

Lip Reading and Deaf Awareness Tutor
In the Loop Hearing
Sally Joyner

Health Professional Stethoscope Health Professionals

I feel so lucky to have met Karen. The time I spent working with her was the time that I learnt the most about how I am in the work environment. I do not say this lightly - working with Karen was truly amazing, and I am a better nurse, manager and leader for having worked with her. She worked with me to give direction to what I was trying to achieve, taught me to value my strengths and made me realise the importance of pro-action in order to achieve my goals. I have continued to have regular sessions with Karen. For me our time is an essential investment in my development, both professional and personal. Time with Karen is not always easy, believe me she can really challenge and make you work, but in a way that is respectful, encouraging and purposeful. I have certainly had positive results from putting into action what I have learnt through coaching - including securing a new job in an area that I really wanted to work in, in fact I didn't know I had any talent for this particular field until I worked with Karen - that's how good she is.

Senior Manager, Health & Social Care, Birmingham
Imogen Mortiboys

I regard Karen as an excellent, sincere and knowledgeable coach. Her ability to grasp the bigger picture, while paying attention to detail lends itself well to her coaching style. I felt she was genuinely interested in understanding people and helping them grow. Her open, non directive, non judgment style of interaction during coaching session stimulated thinking and growth. It helped me to look within myself to understand and overcome my weaknesses and maximise my strengths. I would highly recommend Karen as a coach to all professionals.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Birmingham
Dr Rajesh Moholkar

You have helped me to learn so much about myself, which has restored the level of confidence l thought l had lost. I will not forget the exercises tasks and discussions we have had and will remember these when faced with a number of challenges in the future. I have a re-new belief in my abilities and capabilities which would not have been possible without your support. The skills you have, are evident in how you have moved me forward in such a way that l now have the energy and enthusiasm for developing my career further. Thank you for your patience, intelligence and knowledge.

Operational Manager, Mental Health Foundation Trust, London
Janet Campbell

Just enjoyed a very insightful presentation from Karen Carpenter. Its the first time I have come across someone who understands the dynamics of the work-place performance, in a healthcare setting. Her vast experience comes through in her many case studies that she uses to illustrates the points she is making and to bring her presentation to life.

Sales Director, Berwick Care
Tristan Brassey

Cogs working together Groups and Teams

On working with Karen it is evident from the outset that she is very knowledgeable and skilled in coaching and facilitation.

Karen recently assisted us in facilitating an event with Care Sector Providers and I was immediately impressed by how quickly she grasped what was initially a rather vague outline of the objectives for the session. Karen was able to swiftly and astutely focus the thinking for us to achieve a considered and detailed plan for the session. Her evidence based approach is demonstrated through her introducing useful models, tools and references to support the facilitation and she shares relevant suggestions to support further development and thinking .

In working with Karen I have found her to be very professional and warm in her manner. She makes you feel at ease whilst effortlessly combining the ability to both support and challenge in a positive and empowering manner.

Chief Officer, Shropshire Partners in Care
Nicky Jacques

Having never used the services of a business Coach before I was a little apprehensive introducing Karen to my team. However it turned out to be a really good decision. Karen is highly professional, knowledgeable and has the personal experience of working in high pressure environments herself...she has walked the talk. Karen helped my team cope with immense change in our business. It is hard to explain what Karen does, it is both challenging yet rewarding, easy yet hard, simple yet complicated. She helps you realise you actually have all the answers...you just don’t know it. If in doubt arrange to have a chat with her and decide for yourself...thanks Karen.

Owner/Director, Bayfield Vehicle Hire
Jason King

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