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End of the road?

31st July

  Earlier today, I came across a presentation that I had put together for a business event back in 2018. Still attired in my old branding, all the content now feels just a little bit dated. But, one slide – the final one of the p ...
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How much do yo utrust your auto-pilot?

28th June

No, that’s not an error you see before you – on this occasion, it is fully intentional because this little ‘typo’ is flagging up something interesting. Like many business people, when it comes to typing, I consider myself to be ...
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Busy Bee

20th June

The image above (apologies for the poor quality) is a bumble bee nest I discovered yesterday evening - a couple of days ago the hole they have excavated did not exist!Nature really is amazing - and the astonishing productivity of ...
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Lucky Find

17th June

I've found a lot of four-leaf clovers over the years (five & six leaf clovers too) but these are the first I have discovered in bloom.What I've noticed is that, very often, the four-leaf clover is standing much taller than its n ...
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Does Your Life Depend On It?

24th March 2021

Those who have worked with me will know that I read a great deal and that recommending good books is an integral part of my coaching style. At the beginning of this year, I was looking for a suitable gift for a young man about to ...
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The Many Faces of Lockdown

10th August 2020

Apprehension, relief, action, frustration, dejection, gratitude, contemplation, inspiration, optimism: we’ve all been on a roller coaster of emotions – but, as our feet touch the floor again, what will we remember most from th ...
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Could your business withstand 14 days of isolation?

18th February 2020

Mid-February, and after weeks of the Coronavirus dominating the news headlines, we are now besieged with stories of widespread mayhem caused first by Storm Ciara and, now, Storm Dennis. For business owners and entrepreneurs, all ...
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Three things to look for when choosing a coach

27th January 2020

Coaching is one of the fastest growing service industries in the 21 century – yet still, regrettably, anyone can call themselves a coach with, or without, an appropriate qualification. With so many to choose from, each offering ...
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